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What Is Frottage?

Frottage is the act of rubbing to create a texture. So, if you rub your pencil over paper when you have an object beneath the paper, you end up with some fairly interesting shapes and textures.

Frottage Drawing Coin

A simple example of this would be to place a coin under your paper and then rub over it with a pencil.


To start, collect various items with different textures so that would be things like bits of wood, leaves or a piece of lace — anything will do, so long as it sits reasonably flat under your paper.

Frottage Trees Clouds Drawing

“B” grade pencils have a soft lead so they are the best pencil to ensure good results.

I tried a piece of wood for my first test because I think it has the most interesting texture of all.

Rub the side of your pencil over the paper, where the wood is sitting beneath it.

Watch the pattern emerging on your paper.


Testing Different Surfaces



Max Ernst Frottage Drawing