Sketchbook + pencil + eraser + markers and colored pencils for planning stages
Reclaimed + repurposed cardboard- thin + thick + corrugated varieties
Hot glue + glue gun and/or white glue
Pastels- oil + chalk variety

Our Process:

Explore the amazing creations of famous + much loved artist and sculptor Kimmy Cantrell.

Start sketching! Above are a few sketches in black + white, and below are a few sketches moving into color.      sketchesMASK-4

Explore color using marker and colored pencils to plan a 2-D idea to construct in 3-D!


Once you select the sketch you want to create in 3-D, move into cardboard. A mixture of thin, thick and corrugated cardboard works best to create variety. Save cereal boxes and other easy to cut boxes that can easily be broken down and stored.  Determine the overall size of the face.  Sketch out the shape of the face and cut out. Move into drawing out the different facial features (on separate pieces of cardboard) using pencil and then finalizing with Sharpie. Cut out these shapes. Use layers of cardboard stacked and glued to create a variety of levels of “pop-outs” to add dimension and to create added interest.


A peek at our cardboard selection- thin, thick and various colors and sizes of corrugated.


Use both chalk and oil pastel to add color.

IMG_6169-620x465IMG_6157IMG_6211 IMG_6185-620x620IMG_6211IMG_6210

The final stages! Loving the upper right corner of this piece filled with layered pattern of corrugated cardboard and cut squares. Love how this artist went BIG + bold! Doesn’t this piece have fabulous color and texture!!! Very “Kimmy Cantrell” inspired, yet so unique and one-of-a-kind! Her amazing additions and vibrant color scheme sure inspire me!

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