Drawing with your hand



Put your hand on the paper and then draw an animal following the shape of your hand.

The same drawing of your hand can suggest you different animals.

Once completed you have to decorate it with  color pencils or markers


foto-murcielago-source_lstcolorear-murcielago-source_olidinosaure-source_shzdinosaure-2-source_sx4 dinosaure-3-source_9oq dinosaure-5-source_9db  elefante-source_ago elefante1-source_vp1 poule-2-source_btc poule-3-source_2gp

photo2-021-source_5ovdibujo-jirafa-source_2b6 dibujo-jirafa3-source_z24


How to Draw in 3D – Optical Illusion

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